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Keratoconus is a common reason why patients wear specialty contact lenses. Dr. Rubin uses different designs from custom soft to gas permeable and scleral depending on the level of the condition. Rose-K is a unique gas permeable lens fit by Dr. Rubin to match the irregular cornea. When you come to the office, Dr. Rubin will discuss the options available to you.


Scleral lenses

These lenses are larger than standard gas permeable lenses and tend to be used for hard-to-fit patients. Patients with conditions such as irregular corneas, keratoconus, and dry eye diseases benefit the most. Dr. Rubin has the training and diagnostic equipment such as corneal topography and optical coherence tomography (OCT) for a successful fit.


Known as orthokeratology, these are specially designed lenses that reshape the cornea to eliminate the need for glasses and contacts during the day. It's a nonsurgical alternative to LASIK. Ortho-k is commonly used to manage the progression of myopia in children. Dr. Rubin has special training and the necessary diagnostic equipment to fit these lenses.

Multifocal contacts for presbyopia

​​​​​​​These lenses are available in many types, both soft and gas permeable, depending on the needs of the patient. They are also available in 1-day lenses. They are perfect for baby-boomers who don't want to use reading glasses.

Astigmatic-Toric Lenses

Success is now better than ever due to newer designs. Dr. Rubin has accounts with all the major manufacturers and stays updated on the latest lenses available.

Hybrid – Synergeyes

This lens is unique since it's a mixed design that has the optical characteristics of a gas permeable lens and the comfort of a soft lens. An excellent choice for someone needing a gas permeable lens but wanting better comfort. They are available in multifocal design.

Gas Permeable Lenses

Known for years as hard lenses, these lenses have been reinvented using modern materials and designs making them more comfortable and oxygen breathable to the eyes. ​​​​​​​

Corneal OCT

Corneal Topography

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